"As anyone experiencing a separation knows, emotions run high in every direction. I am so grateful to have had a divorce coach help me avoid “emotional mistakes." With Temple, I was able to approach the divorce process from a place of strength rather than fear. I learned to communicate and engage effectively, not emotionally, with others in the process. Divorce is not an easy road, but I was empowered in so many ways, not broken down. She was my lifeline in every sense of the word, and I walked away with tools that made me a stronger person moving forward. I highly, highly recommend Temple as a coach for anyone facing divorce!"


"Temple helped me get through one of the hardest seasons in my life. After my divorce I thought I could figure out how to get through my emotions, paper work and new beginnings on my own. After a couple of months I realized I needed someone else to help show me the way. Temple was amazing at not only focusing on how far I had already come but also helping me continue to move forward. There was little looking back and feeling sorry for myself. Everything was focusing on the positive movement forward. After we did many one on one sessions, I then joined Temple for the Divorce Care group. The group setting gave me an even better understanding that my feelings are valid and that others who are also going through divorce are feeling the same emotions that I am. I highly recommend Temple to anyone who is going through a divorce. My only regret was not finding Temple sooner."


"It has been my pleasure to be acquainted with Temple for 13 years. As an educator, I have seen the devastating consequences of divorce on children. An example of compassion and pragmatism, I watched Temple gracefully navigate her own divorce when I was employed as the Head of her children’s school. Calmly focused, Temple always put the needs of her children first, and I can attest that the family structure she has since created has given her kids exactly what they need to grow and thrive. I know that this is every parent’s primary concern when making the difficult decision to separate. Working with Temple is one of the best ways you can insulate your children in the short-term and create an even better family for them in the long-term." 

~ Beth Heller Suitor, head of school and educational consultant